Power ICT Business
Vine Telecom provides total systems and solutions including power system monitoring, diagnosis and control, and power business information management applying advanced power ICT technology in the entire power system from power generation, transmission and substation to distribution and sales. And it produce, research and develop digital power devices of power systems.
  • Vine Telecom support a power generation performance management system and power generation facility service management system to reduce the power generation costs and ensure stable operation of power plants.
Transmission & Substation ICT
  • Vine Telecom support the scientific and systematic management of all the processes of power transmission and transformation from the operation to the maintenance of facilities.
  • Vine Telecom provides an environment to monitor and control the distribution system more effectively and provides efficient and comprehensive information management to the operator in real time to support efficient distribution system management. Through this, we are cutting our power outage time and significantly reducing the energy loss, leading to innovation in electric power generation and green growth.
Power Sales
  • Vine Telecom support clients in accurate metering, weighing and billing for the utilities.
Energy new technology
  • Vine Telecom is researching and developing systems and solutions that are combined with the following technology fields.
  • ESS (Energy Storage System)
  • SG (Smart Grid)
  • IoT (Internet of things)
  • AI (Artificial Intelligence)