• Overview

R-FEP (Remote Front End Processor) is collects and stores metering data from electronic power meters and transmits it to server over an IP network.

The traditional network between R-FEP and server had been the PSTN network that FEP is located in the center. R-FEP made it easier to increase the power meter by remotely distributing the position of the FEP. It also supports two 10/100 Base-T and two 100 Base-Fx ports for communication lines with a metering server, so that the data is linked through the redundant ethernet port in the event of a single line failure. R-FEP provides L3 Static Routing to operate the network independently with other services, such as AMR (Automatic Meter Reading). Therefore, It is advantages that are easy to manage.

  • Features
  • Compaction and simplification
  • Power meter interface : 8 x RS422/485 , 1 x RS232 for power meter interface
  • Server interface : 2 x 10/100Base-Tx , 2 x 100Base-FX
  • Static Routing
  • LP Data Encryption(ARIA)
  • LACP(Link Aggregation Control Protocol)
  • QOS
  • SNMP(Simple Network Management Protocol)
  • CPU Watch Dog & CPU performance monitoring
  • System Program Remote Download & Application Software Redundancy
  • Provision Data & LP Data Backup
  • User Interface
    - EMS(Element Management System)
    - Remote Telnet(SSH)
    - Web Console
    - Serial(RS232)
  • Interlink exclusive operation program of power meter
  • Efficiently accept sensor signals at the site through the PTLM (Parallel Telemetry)
  • Display LED status(Tx Data, Rx Data, Link, Alarm, Power, Test etc.)
  • Display optic power receive level : convenient maintenance for 100Base-Fx interface
  • Local Loopback Test
  • Input Power : AC 220V Dual Power
  • Dimension : 19inch 1U (44.4 x 482.6 x 240 mm)
  • 네트워크 적용
  • Interface
WAN : 2 x 100Base-Fx
WAN 접속부 :100Base-Fx(2port)
Category Description
Bit Rate 125 Mbps ± 20ppm
Code Scrambled NRZ
Wavelength 1310/1550nm
Fiber 2 Core (1 Core If WDM)
Connectors LC
Distance ordered
Compliance ITU-T G.957, G.958
WAN : 2 x 10/100Base-Tx
– WAN : 2 x 10/100Base-Tx
Category Description
Standard IEEE 802/802U
Compliance 10/100Base-Tx
Speed 10/100M Auto
Connector Type RJ45
Tributary : 8 x RS-485
Tributary : 8 x RS-485
Category Description
Standard EIA RS-485
Compliance RS-485
Speed 1200 ~ 38,400bps(Standard Baud Rate)
Connector Type RJ45(2-wire)
Tributary : 1 x RS-232
Tributary : 1 x RS-232
Category Description
Standard EIA RS-232
Compliance RS-232
Speed 1200 ~ 38,400bps(Standard Baud Rate)
Connector Type RJ45
Tributary : 8 x RS-422
Tributary : 8 x RS-422
Category Description
Standard EIA RS-422
Compliance RS-422
Speed 1200 ~ 38,400bps(Standard Baud Rate)
Connector Type RJ45(4-wire)

19inch 1U
44.4 x 482.6 x 240 mm