Defense Industry
Weapons that neutralize enemies by precisely striking tactical and strategic targets through various induction methods
Precise Guided Munitions
Ground-based Guided Missiles Ground-based Guided Missiles are launched from vehicles, launch pads, and other ground-based platforms to attack tactical and strategic targets on land, sea, and air with pinpoint precision.
Ship-launched and Air-launched Guided Missiles Ship-launched and Air-launched Guided Missiles are equipped on ships and aircraft, respectively, and are capable of attacking tactical and strategic targets with pinpoint precision.
Underwater Guided Missiles Underwater Guided Missiles are launched from ships, aircraft, submarines, or other platforms to strike maritime surface or underwater targets with pinpoint precision.
An infrastructure that allows information to be quickly exchanged on the battlefield, and effective execution of operations through command resolution
Command, Control & Communication
Command & Control Systems Command & Control Systems provide friendly forces with the capability to exchange information and command decisions for the efficient conduct of military operations. Thanks to such Command & Control Systems, commanding officers can utilize multiple weapon systems from a single command platform.
Tactical Communication/Navigation With tactical communication and navigation, exchange of information is no longer restricted in the battlefield, helping make command decisions for efficient conduct of operations. Tactical communication and navigation can cover every battlefield resource available, by providing near real-time positional information.
Weapons that quickly and accurately detect and acquire target and battlefield environments and provide timely information on necessary situations
Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (ISR)
Electronic Optics/Imaging Radar Electronic Optics / Imaging Radar are designed to detect targets and battlefield environments, providing troops in the right position with the right information. Electronic Optics / Imaging Radar utilize imaging devices which capitalize on visible rays, infrared rays and electromagnetic waves emitted to detect military targets in both day and night, in any battlefield condition.
SONAR Surveillance System SONAR Surveillance System is designed for the maritime detection of approaching surface and underwater enemy targets, which give friendly troops the capability to execute timely countermeasures against the incoming threat.
Unmanned Drone/Robotics systems minimize human lives on the battlefield and provide advanced combat power superior to conventional arms.