• DNX-88

The Coriant® DNX Cross-Connect Platform combines the power of traditional cross-connects with intelligent bandwidth management. Proven to reduce costs and simplify multi-service provisioning in digital transmission networks, the DNX Cross-Connect Platform grooms, aggregates, and transports diverse traffic types, supporting narrowband, wideband, and broadband services and integrated circuit/packet processing. The DNX Cross-Connect Platform ensures high network availability with integrated test access and embedded diagnostics combined with ENvision Plus NMS protection and troubleshooting capabilities.

  • Solutions Benefits
  • Reduce your total cost of ownership with an economical DCS/DACS platform that minimizes up-front and recurring costs and provides significant space and power savings
  • Facilitate network transition from copper to optical and from circuit-switched to packet-based technologies
  • Enhance the efficiency of core resources – conserve ports on costly voice and data service delivery platforms by concentrating traffic associated with these platforms
  • Clock Generation and Distribution System
  • TranSync MASTER

Synchronization improve the quality of service as improving network efficiency and accuracy to maximize usage of capacity. It is difficult for customers to search the information in rapid and accurate manner if the synchronization performs improperly.

TranSync MASTER, has been developed to ensure networks run at optimum efficiency as elimination problems generated by poor synchronization and can provide a highly precise signal(Stratum 2E) to networks.

The TranSync MASTER is designed as clock generation & distribution system for the middle and big telecommunication baes stations since it is capable of being easily expandable, In addition, the full redundancy makes the system to improve its reliability.

  • Internal Clock: T1 / E1 / 2M / GPS
  • Timing Output:T1 / E1 / 2M Sync / CC / Analog
  • Redundant Configuration
  • Optical Transmission
  • WDM Transport

Huawei OptiX OSN 8800 is a widely deployed 100G/200G product and applied on backbone and metro WDM/OTN networks, which are mainly used in power, finance, government, media, transportation industries, etc.

It is future oriented and adopts industry-leading technologies, such as the 2nd-generation SD-FEC, 100G, OTN, POTS/MS-OTN technology. Integrated ROADM, T-bit electrical cross-connect, 100M to 100G any services access and protection functions, provide an end-to-end OTN/WDM transmission solution, achieve multi-service, large capacity, full transparent transmission network.

  • Benefits
  • Huawei’s OptiX OSN 8800 intelligent OTN platform for reliable OTN/WDM backbone networks and long-hal transmission of multiple services over Tbit/s connections.
  • Single fiber 19.2Tbit/s capacity to support massive bandwidth. Supports 100G/200G line rates and hybrid transmission with 10G; bandwidth can be upgraded smoothly
  • 100 Mbit/s to 100 Gbit/s any services over one network, E2E services delivery, optimizes bandwidth utilization and configuration efficiency
  • Supports comprehensive soft decision (SDFEC and SDFEC2) and hard decision (HFEC) schemes to address various long-haul transmission requirements
  • High reliability equipment and services 1 + 1 protection, electrical and optical ASON can be combined to prevent multiple fiber cuts, ensuring 99.9999% availability
  • Universal Transport Platform

Multi-Service Transmission Platforms (MSTPs) for both TDM and packet network services, optimizing processing for IP-based communications and traditional SDH services under a uniform switching architecture.

MSTP systems work in pure packet mode, pure TDM mode, and hybrid mode (packet + TDM), providing rigid and flexible channels, supporting Smart 40 GE line cards for large-bandwidth applications. All models offer the flexibility to migrate to an all-IP network, and are based on a uniform architecture to simplify maintenance and reduce O&M costs.

  • Benefits
  • Optimize performance, flexibility, and manageability of ultra-broadband networks with universal transport for packet and TDM services
  • Supports multi-service access, hard and soft pipes adopt ODUk for physical isolation
  • Physical hard pipe features include strict physical isolation, low delay, low jitter, and high security
  • Soft pipe features include logical isolation, high transmission efficiency, and MPLS-TP ring protection
  • Smart 10 GE/40 GE line card software supports smooth expansion from 10 GE to 20 GE, 30 GE, and 40 GE, suitable for use in Smart “all 40 GE” large-bandwidth solutions
  • Widely used by governments and enterprises, especially in the power, transportation, and TV broadcasting industries
  • GE, suitable for use in Smart “all 40 GE” large-bandwidth solutions
  • Widely used by governments and enterprises, especially in the power, transportation, and TV broadcasting industries
  • MSTP multi-service transport platform

MSTP is a multi-service transport platform based on SDH. It inherits SDH’s protection, recovery and OAM abilities and supports transmission of PDH, SDH, Ethernet, ATM, and other services. MSTP is the most extensive multi-service transport solution used to carry network applications.
For network evolution, OptiX OSN 7500/3500/1500 use a unified switching architecture that combines the transmission capacity of conventional MSTP models with the packet transport capabilities based on MPLS/MPLS-TP tech.

  • Benefits
  • A universal transport platform for industry transport network
  • All-in-One Solution: Integrate PCM, TDM, Ethernet, WDM and MPLS-TP technology in one box for zero investment wastage
  • Built-in PCM: Unified access for low-speed services, minimizing conversion equipment and fault points
  • Smart 40G: 40 Gbit/s per port with Photonics Integrated Device (PID) tech, without complicated photonic layer design
  • Future Oriented: MPLS-TP for highly efficient and available packet transport, suitable for packet evolution in the future